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Aves Apoxy FixIt High performance bonding and sculpting compound. Available in White or Aluminium.. Product #: APOXIE-PASTE Regular price: $56.20 $56.20

Aves Apoxy FixIt

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FIXIT® is a universal multi-media repair 2-part compound used to fill, bond, seal, customise, fabricate, and repair almost anything!
This innovative product offers 3-D sculptability, and will cure to a rock hard waterproof finish without shrinking or cracking. FIXIT® is safe and easy to use unlike solvent-based epoxies. FIXIT® sets underwater, is UV resistant, petrol resistant fuels and can standheat up to 260˚C.  Self-hardens, working time of 2 - 3 hours and 24 hour full cure. It has been proven effective on  metals, plastics, fibreglass, glass, ceramic, porceline, wood, stone, masonry, cement, drywall, tile, foam, resins & more. It can be sanded, tapped, drilled, threaded, ground, carved, lathed, tooled or otherwise finished without chipping, cracking or flaking. FIXIT® can be painted wet or dry and accepts all types of paint. Uses include industry applications such as customising, fabricating, sealing, smoothing surfaces, mending, and filling leaks, holes, gaps & more.
Fully suitable for outdoor applications.