CNC Routing

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CNC Plastic Router Cutting & EngravingCut to Size Plastics and CNC Precision Machining Service.

Engraving and forme cutting

Polymech are proud to announce the arrival of a new CNC Router Cutter to our stable of plastic manufacturing processes.

The new facility provides the opportunity to offer precision cutting and shaping of plastics to produce an almost infinite range of plastic products from engravings and forme cut signage to components and fabrication.  The applications are virtually limitless.

The computer controlled cutting and shaping system works from drawings supplied by you  or your engineering design team.  The accuracy of our machines will guarantee perfect outcomes every time.  We will always offer our expert advice on the most appropriate material to use, too.

Because of the accuracy and versatility of this equipment, Polymech can offer this service to manufacture one-off items or production runs.

Our rates are the best in Melbourne and when you speak to us, remember - you are speaking to the plastics industry experts!