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Latex Mould Making Compounds

Liquid, brush-on latex rubber

Poly-Tex B Liquid Latex is a one-part natural latex rubber for creating thin, strong brushed molds. Poly-Tex SP Liquid Latex is a sprayable / pourable version which can be used to make strong flexible moulds as well as novelty masks by pouring into plaster moulds.

Poly-Tex Liquid Latex mold rubbers are commonly used to make molds for ornamental precast concrete and plaster statuary casting and for numerous hobby, craft, prop and display mold making and casting projects where brushable and sprayable molds are required.

Individual coats of latex must dry before subsequent layers can be applied and therefore, mold making may take days or longer to complete properly.

For Quick turn around moulds Polymech recommends you consider using their range of Polymould Silicone or Poly-Flex Polyurethane Mould Rubbers.



  • High strength, high elongation
  • Brushable or sprayable versions
  • One part, no mixing or weighing
  • Good for high volume concrete & plaster statuary casting