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Cut to Size Acrylic / Perspex

Acrylic sheets, rods and tubes


Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic / Perspex sheeting is available in clear or coloured sheets in sizes ranging from 300mm x 300mm up to 1220mm x 2440mm and varying thicknesses from 3mm up to 12mm in colours and tints, and 3.0mm to 50mm in clear.

Cut to Size Acrylic Perspex Sheets are available in clear up to 50mm thick and Thicker by special request please call for sizes and availability.

Acrylic Rods

Clear Perspex Acrylic rods are sold in 2 metre lengths and a wide range of diameters.

Acrylic / Perspex Rod can be used for a wide range of applications from Light Shafts and light spears for LED and Electronic equipment to a wide range of Point of Sale and Acrylic Displays, as well as Art, Sculpture, Signage, and much more.

Acrylic Tube

Clear acrylic tubes are sold in 2 metre lengths and a variety of Outer and Inner Diameters.  Due to the dimensions and nature of this product, we are unable to sell online.  These products can be purchased directly from our head office.  Please contact us on the number above for more information.