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Matting, Resin and Gelcoat supplies

Polymech is a Melbourne based supplier of Quality Polyester Fibreglass Resin, Gelcoat, and reinforcing matting materials.

We always supply the highest quality Materials For your Boat Repairs, Custom Car Fabrications and General Fiberglassing Needs 

We Supply regular Chopped Strand Fibreglass Matt, Woven Matting, and Chopped Fibre for a range of moulding and fabrication applications, we also supply a range of Polyester resins, including Gelcoat, Laminating and Clear Casting.

Its strength and light weight means it is economical to use over other materials and it can be readily moulded into complex shapes.  Its inherent stability makes it perfect for large scale construction, such as boat and large surface structures, but is also versatile enough to create smaller, durable products.


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