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Make any plastic object you want! Just heat the beads using hot water or a hot air blower

thermoplastic beadsto transform the beads into a pliable putty. Mould into any shape you like then allow to cool to a rigid plastic shape. Not happy with the shape? Simply reheat and reshape!

Plastic Wizard can be Coloured, with vibrant colours, or can be mixed with metal fillers, and powders to give you a wide range of colours, and a variaty of textures.
Wizard Beads bond well to Worbla Sheets and can be used to add detail and texture to Worbla Thermoplastic Sheets, and cosplay Costumes.

Non-toxic • Reusable • Bio-degradable. Perfect for kids craft's, scrapbooking, cosplay Ornaments and Additions, and Scale/Scratch Modeling.