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Worbla Thermoplastic sheets are a very popular Cosplay Medium, comonly used to produce Armour and Costumes pieces, Worbla Sheets can be heated and shaped and transformed into any design you want.

Worbla sheets are thin and very easy to work to create simple or complex plastic items.

Used extensively in the theatrical, cosplay and fashion industries, Worbla thermoplastic sheet can be used to create everything from masks and body armour plates to intricate plastic accessories.

Worbla thermoplastic sheeting is non-toxic and don’t need special tools. You can use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There’s no waste because your scraps can be reheated and reformed.

The plastic is hard when cooled and can be sanded, drilled and sprayed without damage.

Worbla Thermoplastic sheeting can be built up in layers, due to it's adhesive qualities when warm, and can be filled, painted and shapped toy your requirements.

Worbla Thermoplastic Sheets work great with our Wizard thermoplastic Beads, to allow you to create items such as Teeth, Studs, and accessories that will bont to Worbla Sheeting