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Polymech Materials

A wide range of plastics available for virtually any application

Polymech supply engineering, industrial and commercial plastic sheet, rod and tube, in a range of materials for a wide range of industries. Polymech can supply full sheets or cut to Size, we can machine, fabricate and weld plastic parts to your requirements and ship Australia wide.

Polymech offer the following materials in a range of semi finished forms

• Acetal


• Polystyrene

• Nylon





• Polyproplyene

• Acrylic (Perspex)


•PTFE (Teflon)

•SRBF (Bakelite)

•Rigid Polyurethane Plastic in D Shore Harnesses

•Flexible Polyurethane Rubber in A Shore Hardness

•Polyurerthane Foam in Rigid, Flexible, and ISF (Integral Skin Foam) Grades