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Cast Nylon Pa6

Plastic that performs like metal!

NYLON is a strong, stiff engineering plastic with outstanding bearing and wear properties. Nylon is frequently used to replace metal bearings and bushings often eliminating the need for external lubrication.


Other benefits that nylon offers include:
•    Reduction in part weight
•    Less operating noise
•    Decreased wear on mating parts
Other Grades of Nylon Include MOS2, Oil-Filled, Heat Stabilized, and Glass-Filled Nylon
Nylon is available in a variety of specialty formulations. Molybdenum disulphide-filled (MOS2 filled) and oil-filled nylons have enhanced wear properties, while heat stabilized nylon will withstand higher operating temperatures. For enhanced strength and stiffness, nylon is also available in glass-filled grades.
Cast Nylon Performance benefits are:
•    Excellent bearing and wear properties
•    Strong and stiff
•    Good chemical resistance
•    Easy to machine
•    Reduced noise, weight, and wear of mating parts compared with many traditional metal bearing materials
•    Nylon billets with metal cores available
•    Internally lubricated grades often eliminate the need for external lubrication in many bearing and wear applications
Typical Applications of Cast Nylon are:
•    Bearings and bushings
•    Gears
•    Wear pads
•    Packaging machinery components
•    Food processing machinery components
•    Wheels
•    Rollers
•    Seals and gaskets