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HDPE, UHMWPE, LDPE, Polyethylene

Industrial and commercial plastic uses

Polyethylene is available in a range of grades from reasonably low cost LDPE and HDPE to the Highly abrasion resistant UHMWPE, Polyethylene is a chemically resistant plastic material with Excellent High Impact Properties that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The versatility of polyethylene has made it one of the world’s most popular plastics.


Polyethylene is available in a number of grades according to its molecular weight including:
•    LDPE (low density polyethylene)
•    HDPE (high density polyethylene)
•    UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)

Polyethylene Performance benefits are:

•    LDPE Performance Characteristics
•    Soft and pliable
•    Easy to weld and heat seal
•    Good chemical resistance
•    Low cost

HDPE Performance Characteristics
•    Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment
•    Low moisture absorption
•    Excellent surface for food preparation
•    Good chemical resistance
•    Low cost
•    UHMW-PE Performance Characteristics
•    Extremely tough and durable
•    Low friction
•    Excellent abrasion resistance
•    Good chemical resistance
•    Low moisture absorption
•    Easy to fabricate

Typical Applications of Polyethylene are:
•    LDPE Applications
•    Orthotics
•    Prosthetics

HDPE Applications
•    Chemical tanks
•    Water pipe flanges (pipe grade)
•    Cutting boards for food preparation
•    Orthotics and prosthetics
•    Playground equipment

UHMW-PE Applications
•    Chute liners and hopper liners
•    Wear strips
•    Star wheels
•    Idler sprockets
•    Packaging machinery components
•    Food processing machinery components