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Thermoset Composites

Reinforced plastics that are strong, firm and inexpensive

Thermoset composite materials have the advantage of having extremely high strength and stiffness at relatively low cost when compared with thermoplastics. Each thermoset composite consists of a reinforcement material such as glass fibre or woven cotton that has been impregnated with a plastic resin such as phenolic or epoxy. The resulting composite has unique properties depending on the resin-reinforcement combination selected.

Thermoset Composite Grades (Commercially Available)

•    Paper Phenolic
X, XX, and XXX, Grades
•    Canvas Phenolic
C and CE
•    Linen Phenolic
L and LE
•    Glass Epoxy
FR-4, G-10, and G-11
•    Glass Melamine
G-5 and G-9
•    Glass Silicone
•    Glass Polyester
GPO-1 and GPO-3
Some Grades are Indent Orders only Please call for current Availability.

Thermoset Composite benefits are:
•    Strong and stiff
•    Outstanding electrical properties (electrical grades)
•    Excellent bearing and wear properties (bearing grades)
•    Good creep resistance
•    Dimensionally stable
•    High temperature grades available

Typical Thermoset Composite Applications are:

•    Electrical insulators (electrical grades)
•    Countertops and other work surfaces
•    Bearings, bushings, and gears (bearing grades)
•    Wear pads (bearing grades)