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Polyurethane, or Urethane 

Sheet, rod, tube and manufactured plastic

Polyurethanes are engineered elastomers that can be cast into sheets or rods as well as finished parts. Polyurethanes are extremely tough, resilient, and abrasion resistant. Polyurethanes are graded depending on their hardness or durometer. They are available in a wide variety of durometers ranging from 30 Shore A Hardness (extremely soft and rubbery) to 75 Shore D (hard rigid and stiff) and up to a 95D with additional fillers.

Polyurethane Performance benefits are:
•    Absorbs impact and vibration
•    Resilient and tough
•    Abrasion resistant
•    Can be cast into a variety of shapes and finished parts
•    Can be cast directly onto metal wheels and rollers

Typical Polyurethane Applications are:
•    Bumpers
•    Wheel covers
•    Roller covers
•    Snow-plow edges
•    Screen printing squeegees
•    Packaging machinery components
•    Assembly fixtures, checking fixtures, and storage fixtures