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Fibreglass & Resin

Fibreglass  & Resin

Fibreglass & Resin

Polymech are suppliers of Fibreglass moulding and fabricating materials and resins.

Apart from Chop Strand and Woven Matting, we also supply a range of resins, including Gelcoat, Laminating and Clear Casting.

Fibreglass strength and light weight means it is economical to use over other materials and it can be readily moulded into complex shapes.  Its inherent stability makes it perfect for large scale construction, such as boat and large surface structures, but is also versatile enough to create smaller, durable products.

1m Chop Strand Matting

Chopped strand mat or CSM is a form of reinforcement used in fibreglass. It comprises glass fibres laid randomly across each other and held together by a binder.
Lighter weight mattings are more flexible for detailed moulding.


Gelcoat Brushable Grade

Polyester Fibreglass Gelcoats provide a high-quality durable gloss finish.


Laminating Resin

Laminating Resin is often used for fibreglass coating, mould making and crafting. Available in a range of volumes from 1kg tins to 20kg drums.


Polyester Clear Casting Resin

Polymech Clear Casting Resin is water clear and made specifically for applications that require absolute clarity.


PolyMold Silicone Mould Making Rubber

Condensation Cured Silicone Rubber. Flexible, durable and water/fire resistant, it is excellent for making moulds or casts. Excellent for Producing Fine Detail Resin Casts, in a wide range of resins and liquid Plastic Polyurethane Materials as well as high Strength Plasters and Concretes',


Worbla Thermoplastic Sheets

Worbla Thermoplastic sheets can be heated and shaped with basic hand tools and transformed into any design you want.