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1 m Chopped Strand Fibreglass Matting

Weight: 250.00g
Dimensions: 1,000.00mm x 1,000.00mm

Price (inc. GST): $16.50AU

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Chopped strand mat or CSM is a form of reinforcement used in fibreglass. It comprises glass fibres laid randomly across each other and held together by a binder.

It is typically processed using the hand lay-up technique, where sheets of material are placed in a mould and brushed with resin. The material easily conforms to different shapes when wetted out. After the resin cures, the hardened product can be taken from the mould and finished. When resin is added to the mat, the binder dissolves and the fibres can be moved around. It is easy to mould chopped strand mat to tight curves and corners.

The mat is supplied by the linear metre from a 1m wide roll. Our Chopped Strand Mat comes in a variety of weights.  As a rule, the lighter weight mat is more flexible and better conforms to moulds and are most suitable where weight is a consideration.  Heavy mats are, of course, more robust and suitable for heavier laminate applications.